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"The lowest bid may not be the best bid.  It's just the cheapest.  That's all.  Just the cheapest.  In other words, you get less for less."  Before The Architect

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To see the home drawings in this section you need a FREE Adobe Systems download

Most of our work is home design consulting, home design, home drawing.  Working with honest, committed, intelligent, thoughtful people is a joy with few equals.

House plans are deceptively complex.  We start with floor plans.  They're always the toughest.  Plan views - looks straight down - are easy to grasp intellectually and in the mind's eye.  Home planning of any sort challenges personal values, interests, perceptions, understandings, and ignorances.  Home plans are not excepted from these challenges.  Home space definition, resource allocation, cash and space distribution, shaping, interrelating become consummate moments sometimes seemingly without end when designing home floor plans. 

After the floor plans are done, home elevations, home foundation, home framing plans, home  electrical wiring plans and the like are all derivative.  Most of the matters resolved in home floor planning relate directly to major aspects of the other home plans.

Following are on line examples of several forms of home design plans we've executed for clients.

Home Design Plans - most of our work these days.  Professionals, dream-home bound.

Commercial Design Plans - a while back, a market in which we have had considerable working experience and for which we've done some designing alone.

Industrial Design Plans - very selectively - mostly office buildouts, some plant buildout, high-performance wood framing - for privately-owned operations.

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