Victorian Farmhouse 

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We note that the initial clarity of the .pdfs to follow is not without our hand in it along with disabling assistance of deeply seamed technology.  Take a deep breath: the closer you get to the home plan big pictures in elevation, the clearer the images. 

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Time was when the AG and The Missus reckoned a Victorian farmhouse was only in Queen Anne style.  Shame on us.  Our clients had quite different notions and dialogued with us considerably to make their points of what they knew they wanted and where they itched and could not scratch in this house design project.

What started as a home design walk on the wild side of 'never saw one of those before' amidst a house design sea of wannabees, veered into  a Period-respectful rendition as amenable to Victorian Gothic and farmhouse style as warmly welcoming, cozy Victorian inn or exclusive bed & breakfast.

Well, we're still at it, but we're way past the smell test.  Our plans of both L1 and L2 plus four elevations are with them for their own prospecting with ICF distributors.  There's plenty else for further consideration -  electrical wiring, L0, foundation, roof plan, piles of house plan details and specifications, etc.  But we couldn't help ourselves not to bring up these home plans online here and now, while still formative.  So much fun, this house design project.

Essential qualities -

        Farmhouse-relaxed - roof slopes below commonly associated with Vics and a humongo wrap around porch to two sides of habitable (about 100 linear feet on the centerline) plus an open, deepish deck in the Back Of House running not quite 50 linear feet on the centerline

        Victorian - Frou-frou generally simplified and played down from the more recognizable Carpenter Gothic but not played out (which we've found very tough to source in other than wood and other than ho-hum); Clad - we're about to explore how we can if not replicate then at least respectfully reflect Vic brick structure - ours is currently planned to be 4 sides brick, there are several key ways to so reflect those good ol' days, and home design - especially working beyond the monochromatic; Two brawny wall dormers reminiscent of Victorian Gothic Revival.

        Victorian and farmhouse-relaxed - a wonderfully raised main entry roof in simple Classical presentation

We've held off presenting all but the two money shots in elevations simply to make a point that this home design started out as several bags of air.  This has been a mutually resonant enterprise based on asking and listening and thinking....over and over.

Front Of House

Left Of House

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