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"The lowest bid may not be the best bid.  It's just the cheapest.  That's all.  Just the cheapest." Before The Architect

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To see some of the home drawing in this home planning section you need a FREE Adobe Systems download.

Most all of our work nowadays is home consulting projects, house design projects, and home drawing projects.  Working a house design project with honest, committed, intelligent, thoughtful people is a joy with few equals.  To-be-built assigned commissions keep growing in individual size; remodels are more selectively chosen for higher degrees of difficulty.

House design projects must be engaged with patience.  Home plans are deceptively complex.  We start with floor plans.  They're always the toughest.  Plan views - looks straight down - are easy to grasp intellectually and in the mind's eye.  Planning of any sort challenges values, interests, perceptions, understandings, and ignorances.  Home plans are not excepted from these challenges.  Home space definition, allocation, distribution, shaping, interrelating become consummate moments sometimes seemingly without end when designing home floor plans. 

After the floor plans are done, elevations, foundation,  framing plans,  electrical wiring plans and the like are all derivative.  Most of the matters resolved in floor planning relate directly to major aspects of the other plans.

Following are examples of several forms of house design projects we've executed for clients.

Home design Ideas Online.  One recent morning, we were cyber-greeted by a lady in upstate Michigan who had a problem.  She had begun a home remodeling addition without a finished home plan design program.  That is, she thought what she'd had for a home plan drawing would do, but decided otherwise right after demolition began.  She needed home design ideas a home design plan in a hurry.

Home building bidding Bidding Plan Online.  This home drawing is of a small addition to a home in the Southeast US.  The addition is to the home front in order to enlarge a master bedroom and add a library-sitting area, small deck, and exterior entry.  The home building bidding home drawing is designed: a) to allow house contractors as bidders the opportunity to get a sound sense of what's involved, the major components, b) to be understood in home builders' language, c) without home drawing up a full set of plans for home building.  House residential contractors love these abbreviated presentations.  Eventually, a full set of home design plans will follow bidding acceptance.  See how the specificity increases over the Home Design Ideas home drawing.

Online Permit Plan for Foundation Remediation.   A client needed a home plan design program to repair a crumbling, home foundation problems.  The catch the foundation is beneath a home in super-seismic San Jose, CA.  Here's the sheet that got him the permit, and at the same time, makes the house design project as clear as can be.  This is about mating durability and safety in an unusual application.

Floor Plan  Online- House Design Project - Addition.  This home floor plan was recently home-designed and drawn for a home addition to existing.  Home designing and home drawing started out with a very sketchy sketch and a few early-evening photographs.  This floor plan draw is the sixth in a home plan developmental series.  See how much more detailed is the floor plan than either the Home Design Idea home drawing or the house design project Bid Plan.

Home designing Floor Plan Online - Home.  This'll make it clear as we can as to just how flexible we are at Before The Architect in working with our clients.  This to-be-built floor plan design was developed from that of the client's after several years of his working on his own.  In this particular application, he had acceptable elevations (after a few adaptation to our interiors home redesign) and a reasonably good idea about the interior.  It just needed polishing - polishing to make the interiors tailored to the way this family of 6 lives and will live when extended to the high likelihood of mobility-challenged grandparents and visiting children grown up.

Online Home Framing Plan.  A couple in the Southeast US started building their own addition, and ran out of time to get it closed in.  They found a home framing residential contractor with the right credentials.  He needed a home framing plan for his crew to follow.

Online House Electrical Plan.  This house electrical plan has at its background the (simplified) home floor plan with the walls in gray.  In the darker foreground is the house electrical plan, including home light wiring design . . .  electric outlets wiring, receptacle outlets wiring, home light switch control wiring, and home light electrical circuitry wiring.

Home Addition- Online Home Plan Design Program Set.  Our client need a soup-to-nuts plan set for a home addition to his existing of one room and a large deck.  These three pics cover everything from foundation to as-built perspective. 

Major Online Home Addition.  This B2B started out as 4-5 sheets.  When the modular home guys fell off, the AG and The Missus took over . . . ending up with 17 sheets.

Online Roof Planning.  This case study is about roof planning.  Not just any roof planning and not just any roof design. 

Wood Decking Designs Online.  These two folks wanted building deck plans for a wooden deck design of their general outline.  The wooden deck design was to be applied behind their home - building deck plans for a deck big enough to cook out on, eat out on, and eat in on inside a 16' on-a-side architecturally sympathetic Craftsman Style screened porch.  This isn't about the concept and design phases of our work.  That went swell.  We collaborated and succeeded in a design that worked for them and worked for to us.  Then we got to home drawing up the building deck plans.  Dupayosh and dupayosha soon learned that this wasn't going to be among the  wood deck designs for do-it-yourselfers.  This deck was bigtime.

Roof Planning Online.  Before The Architect designed this roof plan, as it also designed the home to go below it.  The roof planning involves - about 30 flat segments; 7 different roof plane slopes ranging from a little over 4:12 to nearly 17:12;  3 roof slopes given, and 4 derived; 8 dormers of which 3 are shed and 5 are round top of 4 different widths; a large round top roof over the entry stoop; a mix of gables and hips and round tops and sheds.

Major Online Home Design Plan Sets. From time to time, we will add a major home design plan set to our site.  Not all that we do in home design and home building plans has broad appeal.  Not all that we do involves either large projects.   Now and then, a big home project develops with characteristics attractive to a wider audience.  To exemplify our intentions in regard to presenting major plan sets, here's our first efforts   Country French.  34 sheets developed over 15 months,  preparatory to letting for bids from 4 custom builders;  Country French 2, major elevations of Chateau Style highlight some characteristic format; NeoSpanish Colonial. 50+ sheets developed from a single user, single use agreement;  Victorian Farm home.  Underway, and too much fun not to mention here and now;  Jacobean English Manor House.  Coming up soon enough - just shy of 20,000 SF - exceptional; River House Remodel of cottage in need of growing up; Hill Country Online House Remodel - makeover of about the ugliest home we've ever come across...but not anymore.

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