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Industrial Plumbing Sheet 9, in PDF

Here's an industrial application in the Southwest.  It's from our full set of plans for a manufacturing plant build out over a concrete pad and within a steel shell, the pad and shell done by others.  We started by assuming 8,000 sf of concrete pad surface area and two-story steel canopy were already in place.   In fact, neither was at this drawing, thankfully, because some supply and all drainage would be underneath the concrete pad. 

This sheet shows the plumbing isometrics for both industrial water plumbing supply and plant water plumbing drainage.  Plumbing designing and plumbing drawing are not common in home building plans; they are common in commercial construction plans and industrial construction plans.  Permitters suck up these drawings with gusto, and plumbers give them a quick once-over and do it their way anyway.

Such drawings are deceptively difficult and definitive.  Plumbers operate under an avalanche of rules and regulations, as do electricians.  The plumbing pipe sizing, plumbing pipe positioning, plumbing fittings, and plumbing pressure vales and plumbing air vents for water supplies and water drainage are rigorous undertakings.

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