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Elevations, Left of  House, in PDF

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This is a home that is designed to look exceptionally good right away on three sides - front, left, and right - and to look ok for later improvement on the Back of House as you'll see in a couple of frames.

This Left of House elevation is strong. Tall, visually interesting, well-balanced and well-proportioned, not meant to focus on a given point, but rather to move the eye between elements with a sense of interest in lines and parts and an impression of relatively simple, substantial elegance. The arcs of dormer roof round tops and garage door pediments majorly soften what would otherwise be a hard look to this vantage. (The arcs are specified herein as to being no greater in rise:run than the arc of the transom over the magnificent front door. In fact, all arcs in the house, both exterior and interior, are so specified.)

From left: an end of the master suite on L1 with window to Hers Closet, a utility shedlike area, a side door framed by a complex roofline and a pergola, next to two separate garage doors (in illustration only), below commanding dormers to an L2 suite of private rooms, and finally features from the Front of House including the front entry covered stoop.

Note please that wall lines hidden by roof lines are still defined in light gray dashed lines, as is the profile to the wrought ironwork decoration on L2's right face in this pic.

Note, too, please that this home drawing is as peppered with specifications of all sorts as is Front of House (and the rest of the elevations to follow).

Note, finally, that there is a definitive statement of relative elevations presented at the lower right of this sheet (and the Right of House sheet, too...but not the other two, again, for lack of appropriate space). We present this schedule of relative elevations to focus residential roof contractor attention to the slopes and stepping we're looking for, identifying the relationship particularly of the gas curb and rain dam to other elements' elevations, and providing a cross-check reference to aspects of elevation definition and illustration elsewhere herein.

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