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To read the home plan residential concrete foundation drawings on this page you need  a Free Adobe Systems software download.

Residential Concrete Foundation Types - Concrete Foundation Repair, in .Pdf*

A client needed a home building plan to repair a crumbling, home residential concrete foundation that was to be his house design project to aright.  We worked from scratch on this one, knowing only dimensions and general areas of deterioration.  The catch to this house design project the home foundation is beneath a home in super-seismic San Jose, CA.  Here's the home plans online sheet that'll get him the permit, and at the same time, make the home building process itself as clear as can be.  This is about mating home building durability and homeowner safety (the homeowner is to be his own general residential contractor) in an unusual application.

Home foundation failures are not uncommon in early 1940s home buildings such as this, wherein civilian wartime mixes were short on concrete and house foundation structure was short on steel reinforcements.  The California site may have contributed, too.

Highlights include:

Please note the extraordinarily detailed notes.  These notes are intended to make certain that the homeowner-residential contractor knows exactly the hows, whats, and what-withs of the remediation project. 

Also, please note the specifics involved in the specs for crawl space ventilation.

Seismic considerations come to play in several aspects, most notably in the refrain from driven or expansion intrusions in the softer, existing by drilling and dowels and in the application of a concrete mix of a lower than usual compression rating.

The home drawing in perspective is unique.

  Residential Concrete Foundation Types -Spread Footing and Pier, in .Pdf.*

Such residential concrete foundation types are reasonably straightforward - square footing twice as wide and thick with rebar reinforcement squared near its bottom of face, and a concrete pier reinforced at least to counter shear.  Such footings and piers were applied, in this instance, to a one-story home addition at L2.

  Residential Concrete Foundation Types - Continuous Concrete Stem Wall and Footing,

or Strip Foundation - In Perspective, in .Pdf.*

This one among residential concrete foundation types is might sturdy, but can get time-consuming in its interim periods between placements of different elements and a little pricier in its need in our opinion to be sealed from moisture intrusion at cold joints.

   Residential Concrete Foundation Types - Block Wall over Strip Footing,  Detail

While this pic is in its entirety a wall section, please note that Before The Architect house plan details foundation elements, too, including extensive cross-references to both foundation plan home drawing and home foundation specifications.

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