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"Some of the best designed spaces are the ones you hardly recognize, while they keep on doing that which they're supposed to do."  AG  2002

To read an  electrical wiring diagram in these electrical plans on this page you need  a Free Adobe Systems software download.

   House Design Project, Home Electrical Planning Wiring Diagram Sheet 3, in PDF

This house design project illustration of  home electrical wiring diagrams (a/k/a  home electrical planning pic) has at its background the (simplified) home floor plan with the walls in gray.  In the darker foreground are the representations of home electrical wiring diagrams, including home electrical light outlets wiring, receptacle outlets wiring, home light switch control wiring, and home light electrical circuitry wiring. 

In this house design project, these are points worthy of your undivided attention in this example of home electrical plans and electrical distribution:

---An interesting twist to this home drawing is the indication throughout of centering ceiling fixtures home lights and fans.  It is our experience that electricians are not home designers, and leaving them to center electric outlets wiring on their own is an unearned act of faith.

---Close students of "Home Design Standards-Home Building Standards" will appreciate the electrical switch control design of the several multiple access spaces. 

---Also, please note the home safety electrical switch control electrical plans in the northern bay of the garage and the outside electrical home light switch control electrical distribution from the master bedroom.

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