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"This house design program of Before The Architect's could be the beginning of the end in home building finger-pointing and hard feelings."  AG  2002

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House designs hereabouts are steeped in design ideas, including interiors design ideas; however, those interiors design ideas are only infrequently conditioned by space not already carefully considered.  That is in effect, room by room - whose room space is it?  It's Before The Architect's; and interspace arrangements, wall amendments, functional allocations of space, conflicts in doors and lines of sight, daylight, and traffic patterns usually disappear all but naturally.  This interiors design ideas project was different.  The space was already there: above garage, a loft.  The walls, the rooflines, the physically association with the house - all, already there.  The stairs - yep, there, too.

Online Home Extension Designer Ideas - Master Suite Over Garage, Sheet 1, in Elevation, PDF

One recent morning, we were cyber-greeted by a lady in upstate Michigan who had a problem with a house design project that needed home extension designer ideas, particularly a bedroom design idea.  She had begun a home remodeling addition without a finished home floor plan.  She thought what she'd had drawn up would do, but decided otherwise right after demolition began.  She needed better home extension designer ideas and she needed them in a hurry.

In her version of this house interiors design project, this was to be her new master bedroom designed and bath suite over their two-car garage.  The back wall of the garage was already gone to stairs, as was the roof  to raising.  The master suite area was that of a standard two-car size to be connected at one end by a first-floor passage from the existing home with enclosed stairs up the now-open backside of the garage.  Then the owners' home designing ideas [the AG never knew]  went into the bog.

What she wanted for home extension designer ideas for the master suite area were the usual suspects in bedroom design ideas: master bedroom, master bathroom (not too large) with natural light, a walk-in closet bigger than the bath, an area to sit or lounge, views to two advantaged sides, no views of importance to a third side, the bathroom fixtures had to be in a specific corner, etc., etc., etc., ....and NO LONG, NARROW FEELING TO IT ALL.  For her, that was the kicker.  All she got from herself and others was a train-car sense to the layouts.  No one was listening to her, and she wasn't learning anything new talking to herself.]

Our achievement in requested brief time and short order was to fix it, please.  You can see for yourself  in this online home plan view point by point that we did just that.  We fixed it, thank you.

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