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This home plumbing design is not exactly a schematic.  But it is less exactly anything else.

In home plumbing design, you generally draw the barest signs of what plumbing goes where in plan view a few symbols, approximate drainage sites, water supply to the property, general location of fixtures, etc.  Plumbers are an independent lot, and they'll do it their own way anyway, in most rough-ins especially.  So keep it simple and accurate for them, and let them be.

This home drawing comes along with others from the Spahaus design.  You may have seen other Spahaus work in Builder Home Drawing

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This one is a plan view of where one drainage goes.  (Elsewhere in the Plumbing Plan there are references to the kinds of sources, supplies, uses, and drainage required to satisfy everybody.)

The reason the Autocad Granddad includes this one home drawing is to illustrate the right way to site a drain that's gotta be set just so.  What this plumbing design 'schematic' does is give the plumber three different vectors for siting a floor drainage.  (All the other drainage and almost all domestic supply in the Spahaus are dependent on this one for-sure siting.)  Once the concrete pad's poured, moving floor drainage stubs gets tough (unless the main drainage is set below the pour, and cut to subsequently as the AG has seen in some commercial work).

What's important about this three-way dimensioning is that it

Is three ways, giving the plumber ample opportunity to get it right the first time.  It's very difficult to screw it up with three separate coordinates.

Relates to things that the plumber can observe on the roughed site.  Too often the Autocad Granddad has looked over plumbing rough-ins where the only reference point is  a non-bearing wall that isn't built, the centerline of a front door that isn't there, the corner of something or other that won't be constructed or installed for weeks.

In this instance, all three reference points are easily found early-on in the formwork stage of laying the foundation.

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