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Dear Visitor,

There used to be quite a story here about  how to design curved stairs, that is, stairs that did not go straight up in a single direction.  It became too popular, by which the AG got way too many notes effectively telling him that major advancements in given home designers and home builders lives came from understanding the text and home drawing that used to be here and those folks sure did appreciate getting it for free.  Free?  Hah! Not any more. 

The AG pulled his work on this webpage and on the page that followed, Part 2, shoved 'em together, spruced them up, enlarged the pics, made 15 pages of document from it all, and now sells it outright  in .pdf.

Now, the AG looked long and hard for work like his so that he didn't have to do it either and found nothing to help him and nobody to help him.  Nada.  Nyet.  Nunc.  Nope.

Since then, the AG can tell you that there's another article on the subject of building stairs that aren't straight.  Try Residential Structure & Framing, from the Editors of The Journal of Light Construction, Hanley-Wood, LLC, 2nd printing, June 2001, "Framing a Simple Radius Stair" by Robert Thompson, pp. 183-186, illustrated. 

Robert Thompson's article is more about building.  The AG's article that was here for free and now is elsewhere on this website and not for free is more about home designing, laying out on paper or in paper space.

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