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This project is a major remodeling in traditional colonial home design, including concept additions to the front and back of the existing structure, major home renovations to the interiors home design spaces, and possibly, even a two-story attached garage in the distant, distant future.  You can see other traditional colonial home building CAD design plans of this project in - 

CONCEPT HOME DRAWING, Concept Home Plans Design Program — First Additions

CONCEPT HOME DRAWING, Concept Home Plans Design  Program— Second Additions


BUILDER HOME DRAWING, Detail Home Drawing, Carpentry Plans,  Knee Brace

The traditional home Garrison Colonial's new concrete foundation piers are new concrete foundations for home building to be structured in a certain manner, according to the engineer who certified the durability of the planned-on build out's new foundation.  (Interestingly, this project really did not need a structural engineer, except that the local building authority said that it needed a structural engineer.   The specs for this structure were already presented in the local building code, but were, indeed, technical specs requiring some building experience and expertise.  The local building authority lacked  the experience and the expertise or both.  So the client coughed up $800 to get CAD design plans he could have drawn himself, and thereafter, have presented them to the building authorities who could not have understood them.  From the structural engineer's own lips, "This is a total waste of my time and your clients' money.")

This engineered structure is internal to the concrete foundation piers; almost all the engineering is buried in concrete once each concrete foundation pier with footing is placed.  So, in order to direct the foundation residential contractor's course of action, a cross-section of the foundation footing and foundation pier are drawn to the engineer's specifications.  It looks like this, to follow.

Cross-section detail in elevation with Notes, new concrete foundation piers . . .

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