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Coffer Ceiling Footing & Pier

A cross sections, or, simply, section, or section view are Builder home drawing which diagram the sliced-open picture of things to-be-built.  A section, or section view, or cross section is useful to make sure building layers are in the right order or, as is the case below, all the parts of a structure are arranged properly inside the surface of an elevation or a plan view.


Footing & Pier.  The Garrison Colonial's footings and piers are foundations for custom home building to be structured in a certain manner, according to the engineer who certified the durability of the planned-on build out's foundation.  (Interestingly, this project really did not need a structural engineer, except that the local building authority said that it needed a structural engineer.

Coffer Ceiling.  The basement remodeling offers something in the custom home drawing business that's neither fish nor fowl.  It's both.  It's both a Cross-Section custom home drawing of sorts and it's a Detail custom home drawing of sorts.  It does both jobs and keeps on giving. 

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