Inspecting Home for Purchase

Purchasing a home represents the biggest part of many people’s success dreams. A lot of couples sell their first house a few decades after the initial purchase, netting them a substantial gain. However, it’s important to properly inspect a home before making a purchase, because there are a number of issues that can rob a home of its value. New furniture and easily cleaned items can make even the most aged home look beautiful, so keep this in mind when inspecting and focus on the structural foundations more. Real estate is one of the most important sectors to the any economy, but some homes aren’t worth the trouble. Otherwise, home inspections are paramount to identifying quality craftsmanship.

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What to Look for In a Home Inspection

Some of the more common issues plaguing a home are faulty electrical, leaking roofs and leaking plumbing. It can be extremely expensive to remedy any of these issues and people are always cautious about purchasing severely damaged homes. Worst of all, a single home could have a combination of issues that decrease its value. Fortunately, a qualified home inspector has the tools and knowledge to detect these issues and give potential buyers peace of mind before they make a decision. Older homes are especially prone to electrical and plumbing issues, but there are other threats that can affect used homes regardless of their age. In fact, some people actually look to get rid of a relatively new home when they find out that it has issues which decrease its equity.

Nature’s Threats

Some real estate agents have enough skills to recognize plumbing and electrical issues, but they may nit know how to recognize the presence of termites. These tiny insects cause billions of dollars in damage to American homes every year. A single colony can render a home uninhabitable in a matter of months. Worst of all, a single home may have multiple colonies consuming the wood within. There are different types of termites like drywood, and subterranean, and they can completely ruin a home. Fortunately you can hire a home inspector to search for termite damage and let potential buyers know that these pests aren’t currently present.

Mold: The Silent Threat

Black mold is another common threat which can rob a home of its equity. The entire interior may need to be demolished and replaced when black mold is found. This mold releases spores which can be inhaled by the home’s residents. These spores can even grow inside a person’s lungs leading to serious respiratory issues and possibly death. Green mold is also a threat, but it isn’t nearly as dangerous as black mold. It may be necessary to hire a professional company to test the air within the home for the presence of mold. Fortunately, this minor expense is well worth the cost to detect the existence of mold. Even if mold hasn’t gotten into the home, it may still be present upon the roof. You can make this inspection yourself with a ladder and a keen eye. Mold will appear in black and green clumps growing between the shingles.

Most first time home buyers are so excited about buying their first home that they forget to inspect it. Again, better a low rate caravan loan to the rescue rather than buying a problem house. Another major issue for which you should look is structural damage. If you see any cracks in the basement floor, the foundation is probably damaged and in serious need of repair.